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Thắng thấy đây thực sự là một quyển sách ngắn gồm rất nhiều câu nói hay nên Thắng đã quyết định dịch nó ra chia sẻ cho mọi người. Quyển sách này không có quyển bìa cứng mà chỉ có dưới dạng ebook.

Sách được viết bởi tác giả nổi tiếng Zig Ziglar

Tiểu Sử Zig Ziglar

For over three decades Zig Ziglar has been recognized by his peers as America’s most consistent messenger of hope and optimism.

Having shared the stage with Presidents Ford, Reagan and Bush, Generals Norman Schwarzkopf and Colin Powell, Dr. Norman Vincent Peale, Paul Harvey and Dr. Robert Schuller, he is one of the most sought after personal development trainers in the world.

The client list of Ziglar reads like a who’s who in American and global business. Nine of his twentythree books have been on the bestseller lists and his titles have been translated into more than thirtyeight languages and dialects.

Zig has inspired people from every walk of life to achieve more than they ever thought possible.

Ziglar VIP was created to address multiple training challenges that revolve around the efficacy of any program designed to increase productivity and performance.

A simple but effective gap analysis allows our developers to analyze and rank the needs in the organization. Classroom training can then be tailored to each corporation’s key concerns. It is at this point that the Difference Maker Modules are prepared and scheduled to begin arriving in each participant’s e-mail at pre-determined intervals.

RETENTION Employees receive these DMMs weekly to enable them to practice learned skills. Delivered electronically to employees for 10 to 16 weeks, this recurring learning principle creates lasting habits.

ACCOUNTABILITY Ensuring employees retain as much as possible of their training is an arduous task for an organization’s leaders. Ziglar VIP, which encourages proactive employee/supervisor interactions, gives supervisors at-a-glance monitoring reports that let them know when to check in with employees.

VALUE Training is a costly expense that can pay incredible dividends if strategically implemented. Ziglar VIP allows companies to target increased performance through the use of a proprietary web-based program, proven accountability model, and performance reporting.

Ziglar is dedicated to teaching high-performing companies how to lead with performance. Ziglar VIP is a revolutionary training tool that can be used to support any and all company training programs, regardless of the original training source.

For more information about how to put Ziglar VIP to work for your organization, call 800-527-0306.


Ziglar Sales System teaches sales performance through an easyto-apply basic sales formula that is built on TRUST.

This adaptable program is performance-driven and can be utilized in any industry, with any product or service. When followed and applied, sales professionals can yield tremendous results in a remarkably short period of time.

For more information about Ziglar Sales System please visit us at www.ziglar.com/zss.


Did you know that more people fear public speaking than fear death?

Ziglar’s Essential Presentation Skills makes taking the leap easier and gives you trade secrets gleaned from one of America’s most beloved motivational presenters – Zig Ziglar. Essential Presentation Skills improves sales performance, helps you think “on your feet” in meetings and in front of a crowd, adds skills that will enhance your career, improves closing ratios, and will make all of your presentations more powerful.

For more information please visit us at www.ziglar.com/eps


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