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Maximize Productivity with Hive



Give your team the flexibility to plan their projects in the way they work best. Organize projects in a gantt chart, kanban board, table, or calendar, and easily switch between each layout. Updates are reflected across all project views so the whole team is informed no matter what option they use.


With multiple views available, you can view each project by current status, team member, or assigned labels. You can also use summary views to combine several projects and view the big picture across your company.


Plan and repeat tasks easily using action templates. You can lay out all required steps in an action template that can be easily reused to assign tasks to the right people, on the right timeline.

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Easily access all the information needed to complete a task by assigning team members, attaching files, creating subactions, and setting dependencies directly in the action card. Your can comment and mention team members, ensuring everyone can clearly track the progress of each action.


Your personal to-do list is created right in Hive, compiling a list of everything you’ve been assigned to across your projects. See what’s on your plate each day and understand when your items are due.


Use Hive forms to collect the important information you need to work on a project. No more time wasted with back-and-forth emails. Forms can also be sent outside your organization, allowing you to gather information from clients, customers, and more.

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Good communication is critical to the success of any team. Hive messaging allows you to have conversations with groups or individuals directly in Hive. With our integrations, you can also connect to Slack or start a video conference using Zoom.


Streamline your work by connecting your Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, or Box account directly to Hive so you can easily view and share your files.


From clients to contractors, you may work closely with individuals outside of your organization. With external users, you can invite these partners to collaborate on a single project in Hive.

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Monitor and Predict


By leveraging existing data and machine learning to figure out how your team works, Hive Analytics interactive dashboards provide actionable insights on your team’s productivity. This helps you spot where inefficiencies are, and what changes could improve productivity and utilization.


With real-time notifications powered by machine learning, you’ll be immediately alerted to anomalies in your team’s productivity. This ensures you’ll never be surprised by late projects or an overbooked team.


You can manage your team’s utilization across specific projects or clients directly in Hive. Estimate and track time spent on projects, accurately allocate resources, and proactively identify opportunities and blockers.

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Streamline Your Work



No matter where you work, Hive has an app for you. Download desktop apps for Mac and Windows and mobile apps for iOS and Android, making it easy to access your workspace everywhere.



Easily integrate with other tools including Google Drive, Dropbox, Slack, Zoom, One Drive, Box, and more. Thanks to our partnership with Zapier, Hive integrates directly with 1,000+ tools.



Hive makes it easy to import tasks from your previous tool. With import options from Asana, Trello, Basecamp, and more, you won’t need to start from scratch!

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Features to Fall in Love With ?

Flexible Layouts

Easily switch between kanban boards, gantt, calendar, and more. Asana limits you to one layout and you can never switch.

Predictive Analytics

Cancel those project status meetings and let our predictive analytics, powered by machine learning, do the work for you.

Summary Views

Stop reviewing useless reports. Consolidate the projects and team members you care about in a custom summary view.

Native Messaging

How many windows do you have open right now? Close them. Open Hive. Time to centralize messaging, files, and tasks.

Request Forms

Create dynamic forms you can share with anyone. When submitted, action cards are automatically created with the next steps.


If Hive can’t do it – we have an integration that can! Connect directly with Google Drive, Dropbox, Zoom, and 1,000+ popular tools.

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Review Hive - The Maximize Productivity Platform
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