TimeHero – Smart task scheduling for busy teams

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Smart task scheduling for busy teams.

The most powerful way to plan work, optimize time and manage projects, so you can crush deadlines.

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Get more done with less effort

It's easier to complete tasks when they're scheduled in your calendar. TimeHero does it automatically.

Capture work

Add tasks, projects, and to-do's along with work from the apps you use every day.

Automate scheduling

TimeHero analyzes your availability and automatically schedules tasks around connected calendars.

Manage like a boss

Proactively manage risk by knowing in advance if tasks are too close to their deadlines.


Create, assign, and schedule in one step

Capturing work with TimeHero is fast and easy. Features like “Quick Add” and “Project Templates” make adding tasks, to-do lists, or deploying projects with your team a breeze. Spend less time planning and more time working!

Team planning made simple

TimeHero provides an optimized list of tasks to complete every day. As your team takes on more projects, TimeHero automatically updates their daily task lists so everyone works on what's most important.

Put projects on autopilot to keep everything on track

Say goodbye to update meetings! TimeHero provides team leaders the visibility to spot projects going off the rails and the tools to bring them back on track.

Connect with the tools you already use

The average business uses over 10 apps to get work done. With so many tools, it can be a struggle to get them working in tandem. TimeHero integrates with tools from Google and Microsoft, so your team has a central location to automate and manage work.

Do even more! Connect to over 1000 popular applications to capture and schedule tasks using Zapier.

TimeHero > To-do list other tools

TimeHero is an automated task and project planner for teams. It automatically schedules work around meetings, events, and appointments, so you don't need to spend time planning your day. Easily launch team-wide projects in seconds with TimeHero's built-in workflow automation. Timelines, TimeSheets, and GANTTs are instantly updated, so you know when things are at risk before they ever get behind.
Sign up for TimeHero today and become a more productive team with less effort.

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Home page: https://www.timehero.com

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TimeHero - Smart task scheduling for busy teams
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